Shit you guys need to know about the world as it is

Asmodeus has risen. He lives in the Westcrown palace and Westcrown’s populace now largely consists of fiends. The city has a wall of hellfire reaching to the skies protecting it.

The entire world’s humanoid populace has been hunted to roughly an eighth of what it was and most are slaves. Basically if you’re not one of the noble houses of Cheliax, part of the Chelaxian army, or have enough money to maintain your freedom, you are a slave. All Devils treat you as a second class citizen and have controlled all but a few places on Golarion.

Egorian is the old capital of Cheliax and it is where the non-devil inhabitants of Cheliax basically consider their capital as the devils and humanoids are severely segregated.

Magic in any form be it divine (unless you are a worshiper of Asmodeus) or arcane is STRICTLY forbidden, the penalty being death. Intelligent undead are also outlawed and destroyed on sight. Firearms are also heavily restricted and only allowed if you are a part of the Chelaxian army, and even then it is only by permission from a high-ranking official.

Souls are the currency among devils.

Travel outside of the cities is regulated and one must obtain a travel license to leave the city.

Shit you guys need to know about the world as it is

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