The Hellknights.
Though the Hellknights are not officially part of the hierarchy in
Cheliax, they have a charter from the Queen certifying
their rights, duties, and responsibilities to the law. Their
citadels cover the land, from north to south and east to
west, so that they can enforce the law. Contrary to popular
depiction, many—even most—of the Hellknights are not
evil; this is especially true of the lower-level Hellknights,
whose exposure to the world has not yet embittered them to
the criminals occupying it. Instead, like most Chelaxians,
they strive for order in an imperfect world, choosing to
model their organization and their methods on the armies
of Hell in the belief that the social contracts of civilization
are too tenuous to survive mercy. Further, the longer they
spend as law enforcers, the more often they see the law
broken by all manner of folk, leading to an inherent mistrust
of people, which itself gives rise to harder hearts.

The Inquisitors
The country’s secret police, have
the authority of the Church of Asmodeus and the tacit
blessing of the nobility. They are the law’s appointed
protectors, and the best way to avoid their notice is to
avoid breaking the law. Of course, given the nature of
the law, this is nearly impossible. Most people suggest
keeping one’s head down and going about one’s business
to avoid drawing attention.

Resistance groups
freedom fighters, rebels,
or terrorists, depending on your position—sprinkle the
breadth of the country, no matter how hard (or maybe
because) the government brings its infernal forces to bear.
These groups hide in every region, city, and town, hoping
to provoke a broader uprising against the Thrunes and
their allies. It’s said that some of these groups even have
angels advising them, envoys from beyond the mortal
sphere, here to help humans throw off the shackles of

The Molthune Armsrunners
a group of mercenaries operating out of Logas in Isger, bring in shipments of
high-quality arms from out of the country. Whether
they’re being controlled by Andoren paymasters, obeying
Molthune’s governors, or doing it of their own accord,
nobody truly knows.


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